Friday, 11 March 2016

Crimson Spark

My next painting is finished, yay! The leaves took me much less time than I had expected. Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the process, because I was so stressed while painting that I just forgot about my camera. Not a big loss, though. I just used several layers of greens. 

I used two basic greens: light and dark. My light green was a mix of Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) + Quinacridone Gold. My dark green was a mix of my light green mix + Ultramarine Blue. Sometimes I also added Winsor Red Deep just to neutralize the greens a bit. 

I wanted to name this painting differently. I always give very simple names to my paintings, usually I just call a spade a spade. In this case I would probably call it "Three Tulips" or something equally boring. This time I called it "Crimson Spark". 


This is my fourth painting that will be shown during Museums at Nights festival in Gdańsk. If I manage to paint one more I will be very happy.

Here is also a video promoting Museum at Nights festival in Gdańsk. I was asked to make this video, although my video editing skills are lousy. Take a look if you like and of course feel invited to this festival :)

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