Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The leaves are showing off + videos

It has been snowing all day long today. In this weather, there's nothing better than painting. I came back to my lilies and decided to finish the flowers at least and maybe start the leaves. And I did it. The flowers are finished, the leaves are half-way through. Now I'm at this stage:

I started with the third fully open flower, which I hadn't finished earlier.

Then I added one more open flower in the back and one more bud. At this stage I felt relief that my flowers were finished and only leaves, caterpillar and butterfly left. 

I had the time so I decided to start the leaves. I applied first washes trying to paint them alternately. These leaves have a sheen on them. I decided to use diluted Ultramarine Blue for that and I think it works. I also have two puddles of green mixes. The first one is more light and warm, made of Ultramarine Blue and Hansa Yellow Medium. The second one is darker and cooler, I made it with Phthalo Blue, Hansa Yellow Medium and a bit of Indanthrene Blue. I noticed that the points of these leaves are warmer, while the closer the stem, the coller and darker they are.

When I finished the first wash I started again adding more details and deepening the colors. I haven't finished them yet but I'm pretty sure I'll finish them tomorrow. The next stage will be the caterpillar and finally at the end I'll paint the butterfly. Hope to have finished this painting by Sunday.

Finally one more thing. With reference to my latest blogpost I was asked: "You use a very detailed drawing but the pencil lines don't seem to show....could you please explain how that happens." I decided to make a short video showing how I remove pencil lines. Here's the video:

I also made a video tutorial, this time with lily buds. It's finished but I haven't published it yet because I want to use very beautiful music I have found lately. I asked the author for permission and I'm still waiting for the answer. If he doesn't reply untill Sunday I'll use some other music and publish the video. But I would really love to use this particular music so I'm still waiting. Meanwhile, here's a short preview:


  1. Beautiful work Krzysztof! Fantastc yellows. It feels very fresh and you've captured the personality of the lily marvellously.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I'm honoured and happy you like it :) Thank you.