Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Big Brother lily welcomes New Year + Giveaway

After the holiday break I've come back today to my Big Brother lily. I should have finished it by the end of 2015 (at least I wanted to do so), but around-Chrismas-things were more absorbing than I expected. All in all I haven't finished my lily yet. I went to my hometown for Chrismas with my sketchbook but there was not much time for painting (although I did three sketches).
Santa was very generous this year. Beside Billy Showell's "Watercolour fruit & vegetable portraits" I was given also "Botanical Illustration Course: With the Eden Project" by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan and "The Natural World in Watercolour" by Jean-Claude Chaillou. Have I metioned that I love books? By the way, on my YouTube channel I've been uploading some quick-flick throughs watercolor books which I have, you can find them on my playlist Watercolor Books - Quick Flick Throughs. Moreover, I have a giveaway time now on my YouTube. The winner will get my original watercolor with yellow lily and to 10 other people I will send a card with a wolf (reproduction of my wolf painting). You can find my giveaway video here.

I welcomed New Year with coming back to my Big Brother lily. I finally started to paint the flowers. I was examining my photos of the lilies for quite a long in order to find out which colors to use. Finally I came to a conclusion that these lilies have creamy color on the outer side of the petals, but inside the petals are lemon yellow mostly, but there are very warm touches too. I knew that I would have to use some diluted Lemon Yellow, and I used it, but eventually I also added lots of Hansa Yellow Deep and even Quinacridone Gold, also diluted. Creamy color I got from diluting Lemon Yellow and mixing with Permanent Rose and a touch of Ultramarine Blue. In some parts I also used grey (Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Sienna). Now I'm on this stage:


I wanted to take several photos from the process. I took the first one and... I forgot to take more... So I have only one photo from the first wash and some close-ups.

And here are some sketches I did in my hometown. You can see some Mary Ann Scott's and Billy Showell's influence. Happy New Year! :)

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