Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Big Brother Lily and Swallowtail - mission completed!

I did it! Three commisioned paintings are now ready for an exhibition. We (me and the organizer) agreed that I would paint three paintings but if I would be able to paint more - that's great. I don't know if I paint more, because busy time is coming but I managed to paint these three - this is the most important. I'm so happy, satisfied and excited! :)

Today I finished the butterfly. I can tell you one thing: if you would like to practice your patience and color mixing - paint a butterfly. These little beautiful insects are just like one big jigsaw puzzle. Lots of details are the best lesson for our patience. What's more, you can also practice a lot your mixing skills, because colors on wings are truly amazing. 

I started with a layer of Naples Yellow Deep. I use Winsor&Newton's because it has only one pigment PBr24. 

My other browns were: Burnt Umber PBr7, Burnt Sienna PR101 and Gold Ochre PY42. I also had Ultramarine Blue PB29 for neutralizing some of those browns.

My black was the same as I used for the caterpillar: Perylene Green PBk31 + Pyrrol Crimson PR264. 

In lower parts I used Ultramarine Blue PB29 + Cobalt Blue PB28 for those beautiful blue spots. And the red dot over there is painted with Cadmium Scarlet PR108 which finally came handy (I used it for the first time!). The abdomen was tricky and there is a whole rainbow. But the main colors were Naples Yellow Deep PBr24 and Cobalt Turquoise Light PG50.

Funny thing was (actually not funny at all) that at the beginning I painted only three legs and I thought it was over. I took photos and happily started to paint this post. Then I realised that I had missed three more legs. So I added them later.

And here it is. The Big Brother Lily and Swallowtail.

These are my three paintings for the exhibition:


  1. Incredibly beautiful! You are a wonderful artist and very generous always with sharing the process. Absolutely love them.

    1. Thank you very much Vicki! I'm very happy you like it :)

  2. Your paintings and videos are stellar and inspiring! I was wondering - how to you set up your lighting in your videos so that it is steady, with no flickering? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! My lighting is nothing special, I just have a lamp just about 60 cm (25") above my paper (I have a daylight bulb 5500K). I had a problem with lighting earlier. When my hand was visible in the frame, the picture was becoming brighter. When I was taking my hand away the frame it everything was becoming much darker. Finally I found solution to that. It was a matter of settings in my camera. I used to record on auto mode. Now I record my videos on S mode, I set up manually white balance and exposure and then I click on "AE-L" (auto exposure lock) button. This was a huge discovery for me, because since I found it I haven't had problems with lighting. I use Nikon D5100.

  3. Thanks so much, I will give this a try! Keep them coming!