Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Great Mormon video

I managed to finish the Great Mormon yesterday. It was my third butterfly in watercolor. And I have to say there is something special in a painting if an animal is in it. The painting somehow comes to life. Ive been always focused on painting plants but I had a great fun with painting butterflies or the latest cardinal bird. I think I'll add more animals in my paintings.

I was asked to record even a few minutes of how I'm painting this commision soo I took my camera and decided to record how I was painting this butterfly. Here it is. Take your time and relax while watching...

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Orchid Tree. Slow progress

I had a break from painting, but because of very tight deadlines I just had to make time for it. This part is very challenging for me because I don't have much experience in painting leaves (and I consider them very difficult to paint). And the leaves of Orchid Tree are quite complex. After finishing the first one I decided that I should practice with the leaves much more. 
There will be one more leaf here, a little bit bigger, but I'm going to leave it for later. My next step will be to paint the big butterfly sitting on one of the flowers.

Cardinal and Holly - video

Lately I made a series of videos of how to paint a Cardinal and Holly leaves and berries. Maybe someone is interested. If so, then there are links to the videos below.
This is the final painting:

PART 1 - Leaves

PART 2 - Berries

PART 3 - Cardinal part 1

PART 4 - Cardinal part 2