Saturday, 3 October 2015

Echium and Melitaea, part 7

Hi! Today I finished the second imago of Melitaea didyma. In the next few photos you will see the progress.

I started with very pale wash of Naples Yellow Deep and added some orange parts with Translucent Orange and Hansa Yellow Medium.

Here I added some shadows. I mixed French Ultramarine with Naples Yellow Deep. 

Before I laid down the blacks on the butterfly's wings I had painted his head and body. Here I used white tempera mixed with various watercolor paints to paint hairs. At the bottom part of the body I used beautiful mix of Phthalo Blue Green Shade with Cobalt Turquoise Light.

Finally, I used my black (Perylene Green + Pyrrol Crimson) to paint dark patterns.

Now the whole painting looks like this. So only the flower on which the butterfly sits lasts.


  1. Really beautiful work! I love your strength of colour and vibrancy - will take a look at the videos you posted - also great info re the blacks. Great to see you doing these artworks.