Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sketchbook once again

One more time let's take a closer look at my sketchbook. 
1. For the blues I used mostly Cobalt Blue (PB28) Winsor&Newton and Indanthrene Blue (PB60) Winsor&Newton. In some parts the flowers are a little bit turquise, so I mixed Phthalo Blue Green Shade (PB15:3) Daniel Smith with Winsor Green Blue Shade (PG7) Winsor Green to get beautiful turquoise.
2. For the greens I used mostly mix of Phthalo Bue Green Shade (PB15:3) Daniel Smith with Quinacridone Gold (PO49) Daniel Smith. In darker parts I was adding Perylene Green (PBk31) Daniel Smith (and less Phthalo Blue). Sometimes to neutralize the greens more and make them even more olive green I was adding Transucent Orange (PO71) Schmincke Horadam.
3. For the butterfly I used mix of Pyrrol Crimson (PR264) Daniel Smith with Translucent Orange (PO71) Schmincke Horadam.
4. I discovered my black while painting the leaves. I mixed Perylene Green (PBk31) Daniel Smith with Pyrrol Crimson (PR264) Daniel Smith and I got perfect black. I used it to paint butterfliy's wings, but I also added Indigo (PBk6, PV19, PB15) Winsor&Newton to that mix, to make it a little bit more bluish.

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