Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Echium and Melitaea, part 5

Another stage finished. I managed to finish the left part of the butterfly and paint the caterpillar on the green leaves. In the next photos you can see my steps.

Here you can see already finished butterfly and the first stage of painting the caterpillar. I laid the first layer of oranges and grays. In the last photo you will see my sketchbook with colors that I used to paint the caterpillar. I started with the lightest colors, then I added blacks. 

This caterpillar was very time-consuming. All these wonderful dark patterns had to be painted very precisely. At this stage I realised that I can't finished this caterpillar. On it's body there are hundreds of little black hairs or spines. If I painted them now I wouldn't be able to paint the leaves around, because I could damage the spines, I could smudge them while painting leaves. That's why I had to paint leaves first and then come back to paint the spines. 

When the leaves were done I could go back to add those spines. And here it is!

Here's my sketchbook. I tested the colors for the caterpillar. I was sure I would use Translucent Orange (PO71) as it just matched here ideally. But I had to make it more sunny, so I added Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65). I would love to use here my old New Gamboge here (PY153) but unfortunately I don't have it anymore, and new New Gamboge is not made of PY153.
I also had to use some grays and it was easy decision, I just used Ultramarine Blue (PB29) with Burnt Sienna (PR101). They make perfect gray. There was also another color, quite strange and hard to call, something like very light brown, but gray at the same time. I mixed it using my gray and adding Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24). And for my blacks I used my great black which I mentioned about several times earlier: Perylene Green (PBk31) + Pyrrol Crimson (PR264).

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