Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Echium and Melitaea, part 4

Today I painted one element. I wanted to start from the very top again, so from the butterfly, but I still have my greens on the palette, and I thought it would be better to use them. 

I had a lot of fun painting this element, because it's very hairy. I reeeeaaalllly like plants with hairs. Somehow hairs add something special to the painting, they create really interesting texture. When I look at this one I would like to touch those hairs, they seem to be very soft. Nice effect.

The next day I finished a half of the butterfly. For the black I used color, which I accidentally discovered couple of days ago. It's a mix of Perylene Green (PBk31) + Pyrrol Crimson (PR264) = great black. But here I also added some Indigo, to make this mix a little bit more bluish.

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