Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Echium and Melitaea, part 3. Perfect black

Here are my pages in the sketchbook. I was testing greens today. Eventually I decided to use Phthalo Blue + Quinacridone Gold as my base green. It makes wonderful sap green color. I also added Perylene Green to that mix and sometimes Translucent Orange to neutralize that green and make it more olive. 
And now here's another tip. Accidentally I discovered a perfect black color today. I wanted to neutralize a little bit Perylene Green and I added Pyrrol Crimson to it. I ended up with just perfect black. I know Perylene Green itself is a black pigment (PBk31), but we know it's very dark green. With Pyrrol Crimson (PR264) it makes complete black.

One element finished.


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