Sunday, 21 September 2014

Garlic - part 3

The third element of the composition is finished. It was quite a challenge, because this flower (again) has lots of colors, far more that I was expecting. They all look like they were shining from the inside, like there was a little lamp inside of it. This flower is in a full bloom, I have two more on the right side which are in the middle stages of blooming.

I also have a good news for some of you. From time to time (more and more often) people ask me if I sell prints of my watercolors (botanical and my "normal" flower paintings). Well, I've never sold any prints, but because this question is still coming back to me, I decided to establish cooperation with a printing office. At first I want to print some examples, to see how it looks, and if it's ok (hopefully) my prints will be available to purchase. I'll let you know!

Here is the next stage of the garlic flowers.

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