Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vicia cracca

This was a long journey. In general when I'm painting something I try to finish it the same day, rarely the next day. But in botanical painting patience should be all around me. And it was. I'm a patient person and I like working with details, so painting Vicia Cracca took me 10 days. Because it was my first attempt I wanted to paint everything very accurate with all little details. I'm quite happy with the result, althought this painting could be bigger, much bigger. Looking at it without zoom doesn't make sense. Only when you look carefully you can see all of those little details that make this painting interesting. 

I've learned several things from this painting:
  1. I have to use a little bit bigger size of paper, especially when I paint more than one elements.
  2. I have to be really, really patient. Every layer should be laid down only when the previous one is completely dry. This should be the rule number one!
  3. It is much better to build up a shape and color with more than one layer. Slowly building up, layer by layer, makes the plant look more realistic, more 3D and the color is deeper.
  4. White gouache is really good paint for painting little hairs on the stems or leaves. Sometimes it's good to mix some watercolor with gouache just to add some color to those hairs.
  5. Color swatches/color charts are really helpful with choosing the right color to your painting.
I can't waint to paint another painting in botanical style, but this time it will be something much easier. I have many ideas but unfortunatelly not much time. 

I was taking a lot of photos during the process of painting Vicia Cracca. I upload them all to my Facebook page. I also created a video from those photos and from my recording during the painting, so here I would like to show you just two photos of the final painting, and on the video below (or on my Facebook page) you can see the rest of them, with close-ups as well. 

To paint this I used: 
  • paints: Schmincke Horadam and Winsor&Newton
  • colors: mostly French Ultramarine PB29 (W&N), Payne's Grey Bluish PBk6/PB15:6 (SH), Mauve PV23 (SH), Cobalt Violet PV14 (W&N), Purple Magenta PR122 (SH), Perylene Violet PV29 (W&N) 
  • paper: Fabriano Artistico HP, 140lb
  • size: 35 x 45 cm

Here is the final result:

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