Friday, 18 July 2014

[Sweet Pea] Next challenge

Today I went for a walk with my camera to take some photos again. I came back with hundreds as usual but I also picked up some Sweet Pea flowers. I wanted to have a living plant next to me, so that I could observe every detail.

In this photo you can see my previous sweet pea and the actual living plant. You can see that the painting has similar colors like the plant on the left side. Unfortunately the colors are false, my camera changed it. The plant has actually more red-brownish back petals and I chose this one to my next exercise. 

Here the back petals are almost pink I don't know why. I tried to take a good photo, but the colors are still false. In the next photos you will be able to notice that the petals are truly red-brownish.
So here I made a pencil sketch of the flower just next to the previous one.

Here is my little workplace. Actually, I paint on my Mom's sewing machine :) The plate is still clean, but not for long. 

I laid down the first washes. Front petals are more violet-blue and back petals are red-brown but I laid the first wash of purple magenta, because I also see this color in the petals. 
On the plate I mixed some colors already. 

Now the difference with the previous one is noticeable. Petals are more red. I decided to use Perylene Maroon, and for the darker parts I mixed Perylene Maroon with Mauve.
I added more layers on the front petals. Before this stage I had "oh no" moment, because I couldn't find the right color. Besides today is very hot here and my paints were drying very fast, which was really annoying, because it was hard to paint wet-in-wet, and I constantly got hard edges.

Here probably you can see that the petals of the flowers have that red-brown color. I added some veins on the petals.

After I added veins on every petal I started to paint the front light part of the flower and the leaves (oh gosh...). I used a dry brush technique on this white part, because it has many little purple dots.
And here it is. Another Sweet Pea.

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